New Released Product - A Revolution to the Lighting Industry
2017, FUllWIN's new breakthroughs this year:
1. New released ballasts compatible product, compatible with more than 95% of the ballasts on the North America market.
2. New released Type B double ended LED tube, ETL certified, which is a real revolution in the LED lighting industry to realize double ended power supply, available for AC double end wiring. It is a double end LED tube without any switch on it, which is saving both trouble and cost. And the double end design make it become the fastest way of retrofitting in the LED lighting industry, reduce the time for rewiring/relamping.
3. New released Type B double ended 8FT Aluminum+PC tube with G13/R17d base, UL standard, perfect product for upgrading industry.
4. New design for FULLWIN's LED tube, the 4 th generation ET structure, making our tubes available for fast and easy self-assembling in our clients' country to make the product to be "MADE IN USA" or "MADE IN GERMANY".



FULLWIN Conquered the Key Technology for Ballasts Compatible LED Lamp Driver
In July, 2016 After the integration of resources and technician's concentrated study and experiments, FULLWIN conquered the key technology for the ballasts compatible LED lamp driver, brought out a LED driver chip with whole new structure. FULLWIN plans to market its LED products based on the new technology, and the products have applied patents for their integrated circuit.



New LED Lighting Products with 6th Generation Compatibility Technology
In June, 2016 SHENZHEN FULLWIN NEW TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. pushed out LED lighting products based on the 6th generation compatibility technology. The new technology solved last generation's LED tube's compatibility problem, this generation is more stable and compatible with more ballasts. It is compatible with AC, electronic ballasts, and magnetic ballasts, and also realizes constant power, constant current and constant luminous flux while working with different ballasts. It meets the UL safety certification that "one end of the LED tube wires with the Line end of the AC, the other end and the ground for the leakage testing, then the leakage current is less than the limiting value stipulated in the UL requirements".